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The Crew

Nathan Robert Blackburn

Writer, Director, Producer

Nathan Robert Blackburn is an award-winning film director known for his unique visual style and storytelling. Born in Pittsburgh, PA Nathan grew up surrounded by artists, and from a young age, he was captivated by the magic of movies.

After studying film at The New York Film Academy, Nathan began his career as a director, working on short films and music videos. It wasn't long before he caught the attention of Hollywood, and his work was soon featured at The Sundance Film Festival, BET, Live Nation, and in MovieMaker Magazine.

Nathan's first feature film, “Ascot Alley,” won The Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival. The film was praised for its inventive imagery and heartfelt story, earning Nathan critical acclaim and a loyal following of fans.

Since then, Nathan has directed a number of other acclaimed films, including “Nothing in the Dark,” “Tu le Monde,” and the television pilot “Track Shack.” His films have been praised for their stunning scope, emotional depth, and powerful performances.

In addition to his work as a director, Nathan is also a passionate advocate for emerging filmmakers, and he is involved in various mentorship and educational programs aimed at supporting the next generation of storytellers through his production company Four Seasons of Film LLC

and his nonprofit the East Bay Film Society.


Julie Hayden-Blackburn


Julie Hayden is a Mental Performance Consultant with a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology,
empowering performers to become the best version of themselves.

She has consulted with elite athletes, performance artists, and business professionals on a global
stage. Recently, she was invited to present at the 2022 AASP Conference in Fort Worth, TX on providing ethical mentorship and forming peer mentorship groups

embracing a multicultural humility lens.

For 15 years, Julie has served as a producer, assistant director, production manager, and set designer on over 50 productions. Using her expertise, she is a leading pioneer in bringing the role of a Mental Performance Consultant to each entertainment production, overall dramatically enhancing the end product.


Andrew Pesa


Andrew Pesa is a dynamic producer with a remarkable background in the tech industry. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for creative storytelling, Andrew has carved a distinct path in the realm of production. His journey began in the tech industry, where he gained valuable experience and knowledge in cutting-edge technologies and digital platforms. His deep understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape, coupled with his creative vision, led him to seamlessly transition into the world of entertainment.

As a producer, Andrew combines his tech background with his passion for storytelling to create captivating and immersive experiences. His expertise extends across various mediums, including film, television, and digital content. Andrew has collaborated with a diverse range of talented artists and production teams, bringing their visions to life using innovative approaches. His ability to navigate the intersection of technology and entertainment has garnered him recognition and respect within the industry.

Anthony Lew


Anthony Lew is an established Bay Area cinematographer known for his positive attitude
and ethics. Tony has worked with major brands like BEAST MODE, Sony, Apple, and Spotify.

Founder of Lew Films, Tony has produced internationally rewnowed videos for
Bay Area musicians and comedians while maintaining his passion
for creating narrative features and television series.

Tony’s most recent narrative work includes the TV pilot The QuaranTwenties.

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